EmSculpt is an electromagnetic device that pulses rapidly, producing thousands of muscle contractions while triggering your body to rapidly burn excess fat.

How Does EmSculpt Work?

EmSculpt uses HIFEM, or high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to create rapid muscle contractions that build muscle fiber with no rest. These rapid contractions require energy that is supplied by neighboring fat cells in a process called lipolysis, which essentially destroys the fat cells around the muscle. These two actions of building muscle and burning fat result in a more toned appearance of the targeted areas.

What Can I Expect From an EmSculpt Treatment?

During your EmSculpt treatment, your doctor will apply a paddle-shaped device to the treatment area. Starting at the lowest setting, the device will begin to send electromagnetic waves into the muscles to cause rapid, intense contractions. While it may sound extreme, the treatment is not painful. In fact, many patients laugh during treatment, as the feeling of intense muscle contractions while the rest of the body is still can be strange.

As you acclimate, your doctor will increase the intensity, checking in to make sure you are still comfortable. The goal is to get as close to the maximum setting as possible. Your treatment should last 30 minutes, which will yield the equivalent work of doing 20,000 crunches or squats! The intensity will cycle through different phases, with the last phase being slow but powerful contractions to flush out any lactic acid or toxins from the treatment.

What Can EmSculpt Do For Me?

EmSculpt can produce remarkable changes, including:

  • A firm, “cut” appearance to the abdominals
  • Firmer, lifted buttock muscles
  • Sculpted upper arms
  • Taut, defined thighs

EmSculpt usually requires 4 treatment sessions in the span of two weeks for the best results. However, most patients can see results even after the initial EmSculpt session.

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What is the Recovery Time After EmSculpt?

There is actually no real recovery time from the EmSculpt treatment. You may feel a bit sore in the areas treated, just as you would after an intense workout, but that feeling will subside after a couple of days.

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Am I a Good Candidate for EmSculpt?

If you are already relatively fit and active but are struggling to achieve the toned and defined physique you desire, you may be a good candidate for EmSculpt. Since EmSculpt only targets the top muscles and overlying fat, it may not be the best choice for patients looking to firm sagging skin, such as those who have recently been pregnant or lost a lot of weight. If you are currently pregnant, have a history of seizures, or have an electronic device such as a pacemaker implanted near the treatment site, you are not a good candidate for EmSculpt treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Lampert?

Whether performing surgical or non-surgical procedures, Dr. Lampert takes a great deal of care with every patient, treating each individual as he would his own family members or loved ones. His patient-centric approach ensures you receive results that match your goals, anatomy, comfort level, and lifestyle. Rather than seeking to pressure or upsell patients, Dr. Lampert provides education and information, empowering his clients to make the best possible decisions for their well-being, safety, and quality of life.

Patient safety is among Dr. Lampert’s chief concerns. He spends an unusual amount of time before, during, and after each treatment, refusing to cut corners or increase patient volume just to drive revenue.

Dr. Lampert created his own state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center: Miami Surgery, LLC, to afford patients access to cutting-edge technology, unwavering discretion, and the utmost comfort and convenience.

Miami Surgery, LLC, is Federally Certified by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), the same agency that licenses all of Florida’s best hospitals. This facility is one of only three other AHCA certified ASCs in Miami-Dade County dedicated to plastic surgery and operated by only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (American Board of Plastic Surgery) and Board Certified Anesthesiologists. Patients can rest assured that in Dr. Lampert’s care, they are receiving world-class treatment paired with nearly peerless artistry.

EmSculpt FAQs

How Long Do The Results From EmSculpt Last?

The EmSculpt device delivers results that are long-lasting as long as you maintain your muscle strength with regular exercise. If you cease workouts after the treatment sessions, the results will not last, which is why it’s important that you use EmSculpt in addition to a healthy lifestyle. Most patients will need an annual maintenance session, but with continued care for your new toned and defined physique, you can expect results to last a long time.

Are There Any Side Effects to EmSculpt?

EmSculpt has proven to be a completely safe treatment, and there have been no adverse side effects reported. The FDA cleared the device for cosmetic use in 2016, but please make sure to raise any concerns and share all medical history with your doctor during your consultation.

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