The earlobe is composed of tissue that is easily stretched over time. Wearing heavy earrings can cause the hole to be stretched and the earlobe to become elongated. When the pierced area becomes elongated, wearing stud earrings or earrings with a thin closure does not look attractive. The only solution is to wear earrings that cover most of the earlobe. This can often increase the split due to the weight of these heavier earrings.

You Don’t Have to Live with Disfigured Earlobes

The earlobe can be easily split when the tissue becomes thin, either by the weight of earrings or through trauma when the earring is accidentally ripped out of the lobe. Many patients have had their earlobes split by a toddler pulling the earring out of the ear.

In the case of gauge ear piercings, the earlobe is intentionally stretched to accommodate larger and larger "plugs." Over time, the earlobe will lose elasticity and will not return to its original shape. This can have unintended consequences later in one’s personal or professional life. For people who want to have their earlobes returned to their original shape, surgery will be needed to reconstruct the lobe.

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Dr. Lampert’s Approach

Dr. Lampert takes a great deal of time and care with each patient he encounters, treating them just like he would a family member or loved one. He never rushes through the consultation or tries to upsell patients.

Rather, he provides information and knowledge to empower the client so that they can make the best decisions for their well-being and obtain the successful outcome that they envision. 

Dr. Lampert’s integrity ensures that he will never suggest a procedure he doesn’t truly believe is in the patient’s best interest. Transparency, trustworthiness, and personalized attention are the cornerstones of Dr. Lampert’s Miami practice.

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Earlobe Repair at Dr. Lampert’s Miami Plastic Surgery Office

Although this is a simple procedure, the skill level required to properly repair earlobe tissue is actually quite high. Torn or split earlobes are repaired by carefully exposing fresh tissue on both torn edges and then meticulously suturing the edges so that they mesh together seamlessly without notching. This part of the procedure is exacting and takes time to ensure scarring is kept to a minimum.

A local anesthetic is used during the procedure, and once completed, patients can return to their normal activities. Patients complain of minimal pain. For re-piercing, it is recommended that patients return to Dr. Lampert’s office after a minimum of 5 weeks. Light post-style silver, gold, or stainless steel earrings are used to ensure the healing is complete and to ensure no damage is done to the fresh repair during the piercing.


In some cases, the earlobe has been injured by accident or is so stretched by large gauge jewelry that reconstruction will be needed. In this case, Dr. Lampert will use traditional plastic surgery techniques to reconstruct the lobe. This will involve removing a portion of the stretched earlobe and reconstructing the area by suturing the edges together. Artistic skill plays a big part in a successful reconstruction because often, there is little left to work with in earlobes with large gauge holes. However, once the reconstruction is completed, the ear will look very presentable.

Dr. Lampert has helped many people regain their self-confidence by repairing a very visible problem. His patients are delighted to find that after their surgery, they never give their earlobes a second thought.

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What Does a Consultation with Dr. Lampert Involve?

Dr. Lampert’s consummate artistry and proven skill combine with his compassionate approach to patient care, rooted in active listening and personalized attention during the consultation process. Clients are able to ask questions and voice their concerns so they can move forward with confidence, knowing their expectations are aligned with the doctor’s ability to deliver aesthetic excellence. The consultation process is never rushed, and you will never be pressured to proceed with a procedure that isn’t in your best interest. Integrity, trust, and transparency are the cornerstones of Dr. Lampert’s Miami practice.

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