What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, medically known as blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure offered by Dr. Joshua Lampert in Miami, FL, aimed at rejuvenating the appearance of the eyes. This surgical intervention targets sagging skin, excess fat deposits, and drooping eyelids, which can contribute to a tired or aged look. By meticulously removing or repositioning tissue with eyelid surgery in Miami, Dr. Lampert can help patients achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Eyelid surgery is often sought by individuals looking to address concerns such as under-eye bags, puffiness, or hooded eyelids, resulting in a brighter and more alert look.

Dr. Lampert’s Approach to Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Lampert is passionate about delivering a result that is perfectly tailored to your wishes and aesthetic goals. To do this he spends a great deal of time during the consultation process listening to your concerns and creating a personalized treatment plan just for you. He treats each patient just like he would a loved one or family member, employing a delicate, nuanced touch. Dr. Lampert’s integrity demands that he will never suggest a procedure he doesn’t genuinely think can benefit the client. He never pressures patients or tries to upsell them. Rather, he simply provides them with education and information that empowers them to make the best choices for their cosmetic transformation. 

Thanks to his compassion, transparency, and integrity, patients travel to see Dr. Lampert from all over the country and the world. His practice has quickly become a primary destination for anyone who is in search of natural-looking results and an outstanding overall patient experience.

Before & Afters

All plastic surgeons should be judged on the aesthetic merits of their work. Review Dr. Lampert’s before and after gallery to see what he has accomplished.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery – Correcting Vision, Restoring Youthful Expression

Upper eyelid surgery addresses the sagging skin, fat, and muscle of the upper eyelid that can impair vision. Proper surgical technique creates the aesthetically pleasing open eye appearance that is associated with youth. A natural, rejuvenated appearance is the goal. 

In this surgery, Dr. Lampert makes a small incision along the natural folds in the eyelids. Through this incision, excess fatty tissue will be removed, and the soft tissue will be tightened. Excess skin will be removed, and the incision will be carefully closed. Scars are well hidden in the natural eyelid creases.

Eyelid Surgery Patient Testimonial

Interview with Lampert MD patient Brittany Short

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Removing the pouches that form under the eyes is the chief benefit of lower eyelid surgery. The lower lid can also droop, and this can be corrected by tightening the muscles in the lower lid. An incision is made either behind the lid or under a natural fold on the exterior of the lid, just below the eyelashes. Scarring is invisible if the incision is done on the interior surface of the lid (or transconjunctival). This transconjunctival technique is best when the patient has mostly redundant and herniated fat pads. 
When the patient has significant excess skin, a well-hidden incision is placed on the lower eyelid in a natural crease just below the eyelash margin. This typically results in a virtually undetectable scar on the lower lid in a natural crease when fully healed. If there is also discoloration or darkened skin on the lower eyelid, surgery will not address that problem. However, judicious surgical removal of excess fat can improve the dark bag appearance and restore a natural, refreshed, and more youthful eye. For skin pigment issues, Dr. Lampert in Miami can recommend additional procedures to help minimize or eliminate the discoloration.

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Double Eyelid Surgery

If there is no crease in the upper eyelid, a surgical procedure can create the crease in the lid, which will make the eye appear more open and expressive. This surgery is more popular with Asian patients, but many find their appearance will be enhanced by creating a definite crease in the upper lid.

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Our award-winning facility was designed with you, the patient, in mind.

Blepharoplasty is Among Miami’s Top Cosmetic Procedures

Eyelid surgery, also called an eye lift, is a relatively fast and simple surgery that is performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on the severity, some cosmetic eyelid surgery can be performed with just local anesthesia and mild sedation such as Valium. 

If doing upper and lower eyelid surgery at the same time, Dr. Lampert will typically do the upper lids first and then finish with the lower lids. Patients can return home a few hours post-surgery to recover in the comfort of their own homes. Patients requiring more extensive procedures may require greater anesthesia.

Recovery from Eyelid Surgery

Patients will experience some swelling and bruising, but in most cases, it is minimal. Using ice packs or ice gauze on a regular basis will greatly reduce swelling and aid healing. Dry eyes can be a concern during the weeks following surgery. Dr. Lampert will recommend the right type of eye drops to use if this is a problem. There is typically little pain experienced by his Miami blepharoplasty patients, and discomfort is easily controlled with pain medication. Products that have a tendency to promote bleeding (usually those containing ibuprofen) are not recommended. Patients should avoid heavy lifting and strain postoperatively. Patients should also stay away from alcohol and should not smoke for a period recommended by Dr. Lampert. This is to promote proper blood circulation so that healing is accomplished quickly and without complications. In the interest of delivering the best eyelid surgery Miami has available, Dr. Lampert will thoroughly observe your entire recovery process.

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