Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Lampert is a perfectionist when it comes to customizing a surgical plan for his large volume weight loss patients. This is complex aesthetic surgery and should only be trusted to the most highly qualified surgeons. Dr. Lampert is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures. He adheres to the highest of standards regarding safety, outcomes, and patient satisfaction. His technical skill and aesthetic eye are evident when it comes to his dedication and passion for the art of plastic surgery.

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Not Just For Large Volume Weight Loss

Upper body laxity occurs for other reasons besides large volume weight loss. Pregnancy, aging, and genetics can also cause the upper body to sag and accumulate fat deposits in the back and neck. Diet and exercise can always create some improvement and fat loss. Commonly with these areas, only surgery can remove excess skin laxity and more stubborn fatty deposits. Fat can be artistically removed and soft tissue sculpted so as to restore that youthful fit look so sought after in Miami.

What is an Upper Body Lift?

There is no one procedure specifically defined as an upper body lift. Rather, it is a combination of two or more distinct surgical procedures tailor-made for each patient. One patient may do best by combining a breast lift with liposuction in the back to remove fatty deposits that can cause rolls to form. Other patients may have a substantial amount of loose skin folding over the waistline, which will need to be removed. Male patients may need gynecomastia surgery to reduce the size of their breasts, combined with liposuction in the back.

Body lift surgery is very complex because it combines two or more procedures into one surgery. This surgery should only be trusted to a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in upper body cosmetic surgical procedures.

Candidates for an Upper Body Lift

The most important surgical requirement is that the patients are in good health and have stabilized their target weight for at least 6 months.
Consider an upper body lift to address any of the following issues:

  • You have lost significant weight—either through bariatric surgery or dieting and exercise—that
  • has created loose skin around the arms, chest, or waist
  • You have fat rolls on the back
  • You have loose skin under the arms
  • You have loose skin on the breasts

You are male with fatty tissue creating the appearance of female breasts (gynecomastia)
Dr. Lampert reviews patient medical history before scheduling to ensure that all patients are healthy enough to safely undergo cosmetic surgery.

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Dr. Lampert’s Approach

Regardless of the type of procedure you are undergoing, it’s essential to choose a plastic surgeon who will take the necessary time to invest in your goals and deliver the precise and personalized result you seek. While many others focus on a high volume of patients, Dr. Lampert chooses to devote himself to a smaller number of clients but with a much higher level of detail. He treats each patient with the same delicacy and compassion as he would his own loved ones or family members, which has given him a reputation for excellence both in and outside of the Miami area.

Dr. Lampert is obsessive about patient safety. To this end, he created his own immaculate, state-of-the-art Ambulatory Surgery Center, Miami Surgery, LLC, outfitting it with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology and equipment currently on the market today. Unlike almost every other plastic surgery operating room in South Florida, Miami Surgery, LLC is Federally Certified by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), the same agency that licenses all of the best hospitals in Florida.

Miami Surgery, LLC is one of only three other AHCA-certified ASCs in Miami-Dade County dedicated to plastic surgery and operated by only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (American Board of Plastic Surgery) and Board Certified Anesthesiologists.

Patients and their families can remain confident that Dr. Lampert’s facility meets and exceeds the same operating standards as the Ambulatory Surgery Centers found in world-class hospitals.

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Recovering from Upper Body Lift Surgery: Prepare Ahead

Prior to surgery, Dr. Lampert explains every aspect of the surgery to his patients so they are aware of the entire recovery process. Surgery can take several hours, depending on which combination of procedures is performed. In some cases, patients will remain in the hospital overnight, while others may be able to return home the same day of surgery. As a note: patients must be driven home after anesthesia. It is in the patient’s best interest to prepare ahead of time by taking care of household chores, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc.

This way, there is nothing to deal with except resting and recovering after surgery. Patients are advised to fill any prescriptions for pain medication well before the surgery date and to arrange for help during the first week after. General anesthesia causes patients to feel fatigued, so rest is very important for the first few weeks. Having someone prepare meals, deal with household chores, ensure medication is taken on time, and assist in general has much to do with the success of the surgery and the patient’s comfort level during those first few weeks post-surgery.

A Reward For a Job Well Done

Achieving a weight loss goal should result in a greatly improved appearance and a big boost in self-confidence. Likewise, women who have completed having children deserve to have their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Let Dr. Lampert help you finally achieve that image goal. Arrange a consultation to determine your individual route to a body image that you can be proud of.

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