Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Lampert has many patients who only need minimal work to restore the energetic and fresh facial expression that has been lost through the years. This relatively short procedure can remove years from your appearance in a very short period of time.

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How is a Mini Facelift Different from a Facelift?

Everything about a mini facelift is less -- less anesthetic, less surgical time, less downtime, less scarring, and of course less cost. Dr. Lampert, a leading facelift surgeon, uses this less invasive technique when it is indicated but cautions that it isn’t for everyone. For people with more advanced and complex aging covering the face, jawline, and into the neck, a mini facelift is not a good choice. This minimal procedure only addresses the mid-region of the face, which will not improve any draping of skin on the neck, sagging jowls, or wrinkles in the brow. However, this procedure is perfect for patients with mild skin laxity in the central portion of their face. For such patients, they can experience this minimally invasive procedure with greatly reduced downtime when compared to a traditional facelift.

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Mini Facelift – Am I a Good Candidate?

Good candidates for a mini facelift are men and women who have a slight loss of elasticity, minor sagging along the jawline, and a small loss of fullness in the mid-face area. The usual age range of people who begin to experience these early signs of aging is between 40 and 55 but it can occur earlier. Only a complete evaluation by a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation can accurately determine the extent of these aging signs.

To maintain the natural balance and symmetry associated with beauty, all parts of the face and neck must be in proportion. Dr. Lampert evaluates his patients to determine if a mini facelift will be enough to refresh their appearance without creating an obvious imbalance. Creating a more youthful face yet leaving the neck with folds and creases will not only be disappointing but will actually emphasize the aging neck.

A mini facelift can be all that is needed to restore confidence and provide an extra edge -- particularly for patients in the modeling and entertainment industry, where appearance is the prime factor connected with working.

The Procedure

A mini facelift with Dr. Lampert is an outpatient procedure. To make scars virtually invisible, Dr. Lampert makes a small incision that starts along the hairline near the sideburns, around the bottom of the ear, and back into the hairline. The placement of the incision is done in the natural folds of the skin and along hairline margins so that after the healing is complete, the scars cannot be detected. The tissue and facial muscles are then carefully lifted and tightened using special sutures, and any excess skin is removed. Dr. Lampert is a perfectionist when placing incisions and closing them, which creates a beautiful result after healing. 

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Mini Facelift Recovery

After a mini facelift, recovery time is less involved than for a standard facelift, as the small incisions require less time to close and heal. It generally takes several weeks to return to normal daily activities. 

During the recovery period, patients must take care to get extra rest and follow post-operative instructions to avoid any complications. It is helpful to ice the area to minimize swelling. Some bruising, puffiness, and swelling will occur but will subside within a few days.

You will receive full post-operative instructions before you are released, which will cover sleeping, bathing, and other normal activities. Medication will be given to ensure you are comfortable while recovering.

Mini Facelift Results

Remember that patients who are good candidates for a mini facelift do not have significant signs of aging, specifically in the neck. These men and women just need a slight tightening and lifting in the midface region.

The result will be a firmer jawline, higher and slightly fuller-looking cheeks, which will turn back the clock by 5 to 10 years depending on the individual. This procedure won’t stop the aging process, but it will certainly give the appearance of slowing it down considerably.

If you are a candidate for a mini facelift, you are fortunate to have found a world-class surgeon who will be delighted to help you achieve your image goals. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lampert delivers beautiful, natural-looking results with mini facelift surgery in Miami

Dr. Lampert’s Approach

While some surgeons try to rush through the consultation process and see as many patients as they can in a short amount of time, Dr. Lampert does the opposite. He takes his time during the consultation to get to know each patient so that he might meet their needs and accomplish their goals with precision and artistry. 

As a patient-centric plastic surgeon, Dr. Lampert handles every surgery with the delicacy and care that he might give a family member or loved one. His results are nuanced and natural-looking. By empowering each patient with knowledge and information, Dr. Lampert ensures a successful and satisfying final result.

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