Dr. Joshua Lampert, praised by some of his patients for delivering excellent rhinoplasty surgery results in Miami, feels that nasal surgery is as much of an art form as it is a technical challenge.

The Procedure

Male rhinoplasty achieves improvements in several areas. Since the nose is in the center of the face, balance between the size of the nose and the overall size and shape of the face must be achieved. The nose should also function properly, allowing the free flow of air into the lungs. Often an injury has resulted in a decrease in functionality and nasal airway obstruction. Nasal airway obstruction can be repaired while the exterior appearance is also corrected. The surgical adjustments made to the nose bone and cartilage are made internally. Dr. Lampert is not only a technically skilled surgeon, but he is also a classically trained sculptor, which affords him an added layer of expertise to apply to his male rhinoplasty patients in Miami. Whether he is repairing an injury or adjusting the proportionate balance, his attention to detail results in successful aesthetic nose surgery within his Miami practice.

Before & Afters

All plastic surgeons should be judged on the aesthetic merits of their work. Review Dr. Lampert’s before and after gallery to see what he has accomplished.

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Benefits of Male Rhinoplasty

Dr. Lampert’s male rhinoplasty patients attest to a great improvement in their quality of life after rhinoplasty.

Not only do they have a boost in self-confidence and a better-looking nose, but many patients also experience a significant improvement in functionality and nasal airflow.

Improved breathing through the nose can provide a better sleep experience by eliminating nasal airway obstruction and allowing air to flow into the lungs unimpeded by a deviated septum or other malformations within the nose. Male patients who have experienced Dr. Lampert’s skill are pleased that their appearance has not been overly altered – only brought into a natural balance.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Overview

Nose surgery patient in Miami, FL

Considering Rhinoplasty in Miami?

There are many cosmetic and functional defects that Dr. Lampert addresses when assessing a potential patient. Some of them include:

  • Decreasing a bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Fashioning a more aesthetically pleasing nasal tip and treating a bulbous tip
  • Reducing enlarged dorsal humps or repairing a hooked nose appearance
  • Decreasing the length of the long nose
  • Increasing the length of a short nose
  • Creating a smooth nasal and facial profile
  • Reducing enlarged turbinates or removing nasal polyps that obstruct nasal breathing
  • Septoplasty or repair of a deviated septum to straighten the nose and improve airflow through it
  • Correction of the crooked nose or deviated nose
  • Repairing collapsed nostrils or improving a wide nostril base

Candidates for rhinoplasty surgery are in good health and do not smoke. Smoking interferes with healing by restricting the blood supply and oxygen saturation. Smoking can increase the risk of all complications and create the potential need for revisional surgery.

Dr. Lampert works with each patient to understand their specific goals and desires. Once this is understood, Dr. Lampert gives his recommendations on how to achieve these goals. Occasionally, patients have cosmetic surgery goals that are not realistic. For each of his patients, Dr. Lampert will share his insight and spend time explaining reasonable expectations, with the ultimate goal of an outcome that greatly improves self-esteem and quality of life.

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There will be significant swelling and some bruising for the first 7-14 days following the surgery. Pain and discomfort are easily managed with light analgesic medication. Most patients report very little discomfort from this procedure. The initial 12-week period will have the greatest amount of change.

During this time, any splints or tape will be removed as well as any non-dissolving sutures. By the 2nd week, bruising and swelling will have diminished to the point that many patients can return to their normal daily activities, as long as these are not strenuous. Dr. Lampert will advise patients with physically active jobs regarding when they may resume work.

It will take a year for all of the swelling to subside, the scars to fully mature, and the full benefit of the surgery to fully settle. Over the course of the year, it will be normal for swelling to come and go and for the nose to continue to settle into the final shape that Dr. Lampert so meticulously created.

Why Choose Dr. Lampert?

Rhinoplasty is among the most complex surgeries performed by plastic surgeons and as such, requires the highest commitment to patient safety and elegant, personalized results. Unlike many of his counterparts who see a high volume of clients and rush through the consultation process and the surgery, Dr. Lampert takes his time. He treats every individual with the same delicacy and meticulous precision as he would bestow on his own family members or loved ones. Eschewing aggressive sales tactics, Dr. Lampert uses the tools of education and information to empower his patients so they might enjoy a successful outcome that achieves their authentic goals. Safety is among Dr. Lampert’s chief priorities, and to this end, he created his own state-of-the-art Ambulatory Surgery Center, Miami Surgery, LLC, an immaculate facility that houses among the most advanced, cutting-edge technology and equipment currently available. Unlike almost every other plastic surgery operating room in South Florida, Miami Surgery, LLC is Federally Certified by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), the same agency that licenses all of the best hospitals in the state of Florida.

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Miami Surgery, LLC is one of only three other AHCA-certified ASCs in Miami-Dade County dedicated to plastic surgery and operated by only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (American Board of Plastic Surgery) and Board Certified Anesthesiologists. Patients and their families can remain confident that Dr. Lampert’s facility meets and exceeds the same operating standards as the ambulatory surgery centers found in world-class hospitals.

Moving Forward with Rhinoplasty

If you have been considering cosmetic or functional rhinoplasty surgery for your nose, contact Dr. Lampert’s office for your comprehensive examination and consultation. During this time, you will learn about all your options, allowing you to move forward with treatment. To discover why Dr. Lampert delivers among the best male rhinoplasty Miami has available, please call us today.

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