Dr. Lampert's Special Techniques for Implant Removal

In 2012, Dr. Lampert had a young patient with recurrent capsular contracture, failed multiple surgeries with another surgeon, and severe pain who elected to have an explant, total en-bloc capsulectomy, and breast lift with him. She did so well after her surgery that she became a prominent voice with various online chat groups. Soon after, Dr. Lampert’s office was flooded with patients desiring explants and total en bloc capsulectomy procedures. At the time, explant surgery was not popular, and not many surgeons were supporting the explant movement. In fact, most other plastic surgeons would try to talk patients desiring explants into breast implant replacement! Many surgeons, afraid of the potential sequela of breast implant removal, would refer patients to Dr. Lampert’s office as well. It was an exciting but difficult time for Dr. Lampert, as there was little formal prior description of technique or treatment options in order to best shape the post-explant breast. Dr. Lampert had to create a better technique to shape the breast after implant removal. Fortunately, Dr. Lampert had extensive breast reconstruction education and experience to fall back on.

Utilizing this, he was able to develop the Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique, which is his current method to safely perform en bloc total capsulectomy with implant removal and subsequent skin tailoring to shape the breast.

The Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique that he invented to deal with this problem allows safe total en bloc capsulectomy with submuscular breast implants and can be combined with simultaneous fat grafting, should the patient desire it.

Dr. Lampert speaking at the Aesthetic Meeting

Dr. Lampert presenting his Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation total “en bloc” capsulectomy and breast lift technique at The Aesthetic Meeting 2022 in San Diego

Practicing in Miami, where a lot of patients have breast implants at an early age, Dr. Lampert has seen many patients with a variety of problems that ultimately "quit" breast implants. Whether it is due to recurrent capsular contracture, pain, discomfort, feeling too large, deformity, or breast implant illness, he takes the time to evaluate the patient and determine the best treatment plan for each and every individual. It is not an easy decision, and his team is dedicated to helping chaperone the patient through the decision-making process, surgery, and the postoperative period.

Dani's Explant Experience at Lampert MD Plastic Surgery

Dani’s Explant Experience

Taking His Time

Dr. Lampert never wants the explant patient to feel rushed during her decision-making process. He takes great pride in the education he provides to each patient during the initial consultation visit. This can often be a bit of a longer visit, but it is well worth it for both the patient and the surgeon to be on the same page. Dr. Lampert wants to answer all of the patient’s questions so that they are confident they are making the correct decision, both in choosing him as their surgeon and the specifics of any given procedure selected.

Dr. Lampert’s Change Of Heart

When Dr. Lampert first started to become a more popular explant surgeon in Miami, he initially did not have much of an opinion on breast implant illness. At that time, he felt like he was providing a technically challenging requested service (breast implant removal and shaping.)

He was flattered that patients were coming from all over the world to see him for this procedure, but he remained conventionally unbiased and would simply state that if a woman wants her breast implants removed, he would remove them, so long as they understand the potential aesthetic sequela and surgical options to improve any potential post-explant deformity. 

But over the years, Dr. Lampert has seen too many patients improve after explant surgery to further deny breast implant illness. Most of his breast implant illness patients are educated, highly successful, professional women and heads of their households. Many are healthcare professionals themselves! Sure, some breast implant illness explant patients do not improve, or their symptoms do not resolve completely after explant. And yes, breast implant patients have an overall high percentage of patient satisfaction, with some estimates above 95%. As any implant is by definition a foreign body, a certain number of patients will have complications associated with this or basically reject the foreign body.

With nearly 2 million breast implants placed internationally alone in 2018, that leaves nearly 100,000 patients a year who are not satisfied with their breast implants. With time, the patient satisfaction percentage should drop in theory as well. So, patient dissatisfaction with breast implants is no longer a rare occurrence. Due to the sheer volume of people with breast implants, Dr. Lampert believes that breast implant illness is no longer a rare disease. Other surgeons have recently found, presented, and published similar findings, stating that most breast implant illness patients claim to be less symptomatic after breast implant removal. This is what Dr. Lampert has found in his practice.

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A Deep Sense Of Satisfaction

With breast explant surgery in Miami, Dr. Lampert feels like he is truly helping each individual not only as a plastic surgeon but as a doctor in general. Explant surgery is more than just a technical aesthetic surgical performance for him. Helping explant patients makes Dr. Lampert personally feel that he has successfully utilized his creative skill and technical training to improve the lives of others.

Seeing explant patients get better makes Dr. Lampert feel good, buttresses the value of his role in the community, and justifies the tens of thousands of hours of training and practice he underwent to get here and receive the privilege of treating his patients.

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