Dr. Joshua Lampert, Miami board-certified plastic surgeon, finds that patient satisfaction after breast reduction surgery is possibly rated higher than any other cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Breast reduction patients are some of the happiest around! They are overjoyed to lose the pain and to be able to enjoy shopping, exercising, and being more active again. As Dr. Lampert enjoys making women comfortable with their bodies, his patients believe he performs among the best breast reduction surgery Miami has seen in a while.

Life-Changing Surgery

Women who feel they must limit their physical activities or who have constant pain because of the size of their breasts will notice a marked improvement in their quality of life after breast reduction.
Many conditions can be eliminated or greatly improved by reducing the size of the breasts, including: 

  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Breast pain
  • Difficulty shopping for clothes
  • Self-consciousness and embarrassment
  • Skin rashes under the breasts
  • Poor posture
  • Deep shoulder grooves and skin irritation from bra straps
  • Difficulty sleeping

Before & Afters

All plastic surgeons should be judged on the aesthetic merits of their work. Review Dr. Lampert’s before and after gallery to see what he has accomplished.

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Choosing a Breast Specialist for Your Procedure

Breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, reduces the size of the breasts by removing excess fat and breast tissue, tightening internal breast structure, and relocating the nipple structure to a higher, more aesthetic position on the breast.

Excess skin is removed, and if necessary, the size of the areola is reduced. The result is a better contour and natural-looking breast that is proportionate with the rest of the body.

Dr. Lampert has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures and cautions women considering this procedure to choose their surgeon very carefully. Breast reduction surgery is complex. The skin laxity, breast tissue density, and blood supply within the breast must be respected to retain the overall integrity of the breast and achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Breast reduction takes a keen artistic eye as well as adroit surgical skill to produce beautiful and natural results.

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Dr. Lampert’s Approach

Dr. Lampert has a rigorous training background that has made him a sought-after authority in the field of breast surgery. What many don’t know, however, is that Dr. Lampert also has a prestigious background as a fine artist (sculptor) that gives him the rare insight to create results that are both aesthetically and functionally superior.

In addition to his artistry, Dr. Lampert is a compassionate provider, treating each client with the same delicacy and precision as he would his own family members or loved ones. He never rushes patients or tries to bombard them with sales tactics.

On the contrary, Dr. Lampert spends ample time during the consultation and surgery to ensure the patient receives the detailed, personalized care they need.

Passionate about patient safety, Dr. Lampert created his own state-of-the-art Ambulatory Surgery Center, Miami Surgery, LLC, an immaculate facility that houses among the most advanced, cutting-edge technology and equipment on the market today. Unlike almost every other plastic surgery operating room in South Florida, Miami Surgery, LLC is Federally Certified by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), the same agency that licenses all of the best hospitals in the state of Florida.

Miami Surgery, LLC is one of only three other AHCA-certified ASCs in Miami-Dade County dedicated to plastic surgery and operated by only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (American Board of Plastic Surgery) and Board Certified Anesthesiologists. Patients and their families can remain confident that Dr. Lampert’s facility meets and exceeds the same operating standards as the Ambulatory Surgery Centers found in the most prestigious, world-class hospital nationwide.

What Will My Consultation With Dr. Lampert Be Like?

Dr. Lampert will provide a discreet, confidential consultation for those interested in pursuing breast reduction surgery in Miami. He never rushes the consultation process but instead spends an uncommon amount of time getting to know you and answering any questions you may have. Dr. Lampert believes that this is the best path towards successfully accomplishing the aesthetic goals you have laid out for him. Personalized attention, transparency, and integrity are the cornerstones of Dr. Lampert’s Miami practice.

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There are three main incision methods used in reduction mammoplasty:

  • Donut incision -- located around the areola
  • Lollipop incision -- located around the areola, then extending from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease
  • Anchor incision -- lollipop incision with an additional incision made in the breast crease
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Procedure and Recovery

Breast reduction surgery is done on an outpatient basis at an accredited surgical center or hospital. Dr. Lampert puts patient safety above all else and only performs his procedures with a full complement of qualified medical specialists. The surgery is done under general anesthetic. After patients have recovered from the anesthetic, they are ready to be released into the care of their chosen caregiver.

It is recommended that the caregiver stay with the patient for 24 to 48 hours to assist with meals and household support and ensure all medications are taken on time. There will be some swelling and bruising, which will mostly resolve within several weeks. Ice packs can be applied to minimize swelling. Pain medication will be prescribed to ensure patient comfort. Patients should arrange to have 2 weeks off from work and should spend that time resting and recovering. Strenuous activity and heavy lifting will take longer to return to. Dr. Lampert will give specific instructions on this and care for the incisions.

While the healing process will take several months, the benefits from breast reduction surgery will be noticed immediately. The reduced weight of the breasts and resultant freedom of movement can be enjoyed a few days post-surgery. Following surgery, Dr. Lampert makes himself always available to his patients. He ensures that his patients are given full instructions on their post-operative care, but he understands the security in knowing that he can be reached at any time if his patients need any additional support.

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