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In the dynamic world of plastic surgery, where trends evolve and patient preferences shift, one procedure has been gaining attention: Aesthetic Breast Surgery with the Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique. Developed by Dr. Joshua Lampert and his team, this innovative approach addresses the growing demand for breast implant removal without replacement, providing patients with a safe and effective solution.

Explaining The Surge in Breast Implant Removals

Breast augmentation, the second most popular cosmetic procedure globally, has seen a surge in implant removals, with a 15% increase reported in 2019 alone. Driven by factors such as concerns over Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), breast implant illness (BII), and other complications, patients are seeking solutions that not only ensure safety but also maintain aesthetic appeal.

The Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique

Dr. Lampert's method, employed between 2016 and 2021 on 64 patients, involves a meticulous process:
A total capsulectomy, ensuring complete implant capsule removal, is performed alongside the Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique.

This groundbreaking approach avoids wide-undermining, intentionally opening the capsule, and subtotal capsulectomy, minimizing risks and complications.

Results and Patient Satisfaction

With a mean follow-up of 6.5 months, the study demonstrated promising outcomes. Complications were minimal, including:

  • Cellulitis in 1.6% of cases
  • Late-onset hematoma with infection in 1.6%
  • Breast scar irregularity in 6.2%

Patient satisfaction, while not measured objectively, was evident through the reported subjective contentment of the patients.

The Surgical Process

It begins with meticulous planning and markings made while the patient is awake, allowing for precise measurements and adjustments. The Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique includes the following for optimal breast shaping:

  • De-epithelialization
  • Total capsulectomy
  • Strategic placement of absorbable sutures

Advantages of Mammary Imbrication Lift

This technique offers several advantages over traditional methods. For example:
It allows for dynamic adjustments during surgery, accommodating unexpected changes post-implant removal.
Unlike other procedures, it minimizes undermining and preserves blood supply to the breast tissue and nipple, which reduces the risk of complications associated with wide dissection.

Considerations and Future Directions

While this study lacked a patient satisfaction survey and had a relatively brief follow-up, Dr. Lampert aims to address these limitations in future research. With an increasing number of patients seeking breast explant surgery, the Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique provides a valuable option for those choosing to "quit breast implants."

Dr. Lampert Prioritizes Innovation With the Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique 

Dr. Lampert’s technique stands out as a safe and effective breast implant removal and total capsulectomy method. His modern approach addresses patient concerns and prioritizes aesthetic outcomes, ensuring that individuals can embrace their post-implant journey with confidence and satisfaction.

To learn more about Dr. Lampert and the Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique, contact us to schedule a consultation. Click here to read Dr. Lampert’s paper, Safely Shaping the Breast After Implant Removal and Total Intact Capsulectomy Using the Mammary Imbrication Lift and Fixation Technique.

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