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Women who wish to see an increase in volume and definition in their breasts often seek out breast augmentation with implants to achieve this goal. While this surgical intervention can elicit fantastic results, some women may want or need to have their implants removed down the line. Ruptures or shifts in placement may call for implant removal, as there are safety concerns. Other women simply wish to remove their implants in order to have a more natural look. 

When considering a breast implant removal, it is important to have an idea of how the breasts will look going forward. After breast implants are removed from the breasts, cosmetic issues such as excess skin or sagging breast tissue may start to develop. We have compiled a list of solutions for prospective breast implant removal patients to consider. 

Upgrade to newer, better-suited implants

Many patients seeking breast explant find that they would like to try out a more innovative implant of a different size, type, or shape. Some women want to try a different size, choosing a smaller or larger implant. Others are curious about implants with a silicone core instead of the saline implants they are currently fitted with. As new models of implants are constantly coming onto the market, women have various options available to them that they would like to explore. 

Breast Reduction

It’s no secret that breast implants can be heavy and large in size, making it difficult for some women to perform simple tasks without feeling the physical strain. A breast reduction procedure decreases the weight and size of the chest region, making it more comfortable and compatible with the patient’s chosen lifestyle. 

Breast Lift

After breast implants are removed, there is a high risk of the breasts losing their perkiness and sagging. For this reason, performing a breast lift in tandem with an implant removal will ensure that there is no loss of elevation and remove any excess skin that may remain following the procedure. 

Fat Transfer

Patients who are looking for a more natural approach can choose the route of fat transfer. With this approach, fat cells are harvested from areas like the abdomen and thighs and injected into the void left by the removed implants. With this approach, liposuction is used to collect unwanted fat from one area of the patient’s body and transfer it into the breast region. Fat transfer is usually performed simultaneously with a breast lift in order to ensure that the best results possible are achieved. 

Implant Swap with a Lift

Swapping out the old implant for a new one can help certain patients achieve an improved aesthetic in the bust. However, this protocol alone doesn’t do anything for the positioning of the breast or the nipple. Women who hope to achieve perky, upward-pointing breasts and nipples will need to incorporate a lift to reach their goals. 

What is the takeaway?

Breast implants are an incredibly effective and popular approach to increasing breast size. While the vast majority of patients are happy with their implants, some will want or need to make changes over time. Having a good understanding of one’s aesthetic goals will help determine the best option for them. As with any surgical procedure, it is highly recommended that patients refer to a skilled, experienced practitioner to carry out their procedure. 

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