Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Using the Patient’s Own TissueAutologous Breast Reconstruction.  NO BREAST IMPLANTS

Dr. Lampert Breast Reconstruction Maricela's Journey

Maricela's Testimonial Video

“This young patient had delayed staged left breast reconstruction by Dr. Lampert after breast cancer, mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation.  

The first stages involved taking abdominal excess skin and fat and creating a breast mound using microsurgery techniques.  The right breast was also lifted for symmetry”

“Further staged surgery was then performed using fat transfer to help improve symmetry of the breasts.  Radiated skin on the left chest had less elasticity.  The fat was harvested from the abdomen and love handle regions to enhance the patient's abdominal contour (AKA abdominal etching).  A nipple was also created on the left using a flap technique”

“Planned areas for suction are highlighted in yellow.  Blue areas were the focus of fat transfer”

"Per the patient’s request, more fat transfer and liposuction was performed to further shape the breasts and improve symmetry.  An artistic approach is always emphasized by Dr. Lampert  when choosing where to harvest fat from.  The same principles apply to cosmetic surgery and body contouring. This patient wanted more of an athletic appearing abdomen and more fat harvested from the love handles.  The nipple was also tattooed at the same time by Dr. Lampert.”

“Planned areas for suction are highlighted in yellow.  Blue areas were the focus of fat transfer”

“This patient was also pleased with the fat harvest contour improvement of the love handle region”

“Yellow shaded areas were areas of further fat harvest”

 “Results like this cannot be obtained in one surgery.  There is often an enormous aesthetic benefit when approaching complicated cases in a staged manner.  Please see this patient’s testimonial video for more information”

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